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I was recently told that people were worried about me. After initial confusion – followed by slight flattery – I realized why: I suck at communication. People only hear when things are bad (because Keith calls) and I fail to communicate that – most days – I’m doing just fine. So here we are. Because I’m not likely going to get any better at communicating regularly (just being honest!) and I do really want to keep everyone informed, I started a new blog. I’m hoping that through this page, I can keep you – my family and friends – updated on our life – the good and the bad. I want you all to realize that most of our life is pretty normal; we work, play, and enjoy life. We might, however, do it a little differently. Also, I’m hoping that, through writing, I can bring some awareness to mitochondrial disease and some of the other issues we face. Please feel free to pass on my writings as part of my goal in this blog is to open a window into living life with a mitochondrial disease – and a smile!


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